A G E N D E R started out as a solo lo-fi punk excursion for Romy Hoffman (macromantics, Romy),
and has since morphed into an all girl 3 piece, known for their intense, fast, tight knit punk shows.


A G E N D E R   is:

Romy Hoffman- guitars, vocals, synth

Yolanda DeRose- bass

Melissa Agate- drums


A G E N D E R   play a unique blend of schitzo synthy paranoid punk.  A G E N D E R   are interested in
exploring the desperate/ disparate nature of queerness, gender and sexuality and dysmorphic desire.

A G E N D E R;  The fixation and fetish with femininity


A G E N D E R’ s sophomore record ‘FIXATIONS’ will be out on DESIRE Records in June 2014.

It was recorded onto 2″ tape, at Head Gap studio’s Melbourne, by Casey Rice.

‘Fixations’ is a spillage of sexual secrets and the purging of perversions.